Harper Longevity Stack of Crystal Beaded Bracelets

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"According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 New York reflect our hybridized lifestyles and our contradictory yearnings as we continue forward into this new landscape. Colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 support our need for nurturing and tactility, as well as a calm and restorative space, fulfilling our yearning for comfort. Concurrently, the colors also illustrate our need to break free of restraint and embrace the joy of being alive through colors that are expressing energy boosting vitality and the celebration of life.

The Harper Longevity Stack of Crystal Beaded Bracelets shares this feeling 100%,  they express all the colors necessary for for the fall & winter and can really be worn all year long.  These 5 bracelets are made with such charming charms.   They are strung using elastic and measure 6.85".

“Colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As we move forward into an environment filled with contradiction, hues for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 enable consumers to move fluidly between a range of contrasting shades, allowing them to spontaneously express who they are and how they feel on any given day.”

Size Guide

Gemstone Bracelet Size Guide:
Small 7"
Medium 7.5"
Large 8"