Faye's St. Therese's Red Rose Beaded Bracelet

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Bracelet Color Silver
Rose Color White


St. Therese, also known as "The Little Flower of Jesus", is known for supernatural intervention, through intercessory help. Wear Faye's St. Therese's Red Rose Beaded Bracelet, a beautifully beaded bracelet with a small flower and colorful medal for heavenly assistance. 
Who knows her prayer...
The Little Flower, please pick me a 
Rose from the Heavely Garden 
and send it to me with a 
Message of Love.
Ask God to grant me the Favor I thee
implore and tell Him
I will Love Him each day
More and More.
The bracelet comes with the beautiful colorful prayer card.  It Stretches and measures 6.85".  This is a stunning piece.  Treasure it.  AMEN!

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