Lori's Guardian Angel Ankle Bracelet

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Color Silver


This beautiful little beaded ankle bracelet will stretch right onto your foot.  It has a tiny subliminal little guardian angle on one side and St. Michael on the other.  This ankle Bracelet comes with the Guardian Angle prayer card.

It measures 9".

Saint Michael the Archangel isn't a saint, but rather he is an angel, and the leader of all angels and of the army of God. This is what the title "Archangel" means, that he is above all others in rank. St. Michael has four main responsibilities, as we know from scriptures and Christian tradition.

  • The first is to combat Satan.
  • The second is to escort the faithful to heaven at their hour of death.
  • The third is to be a champion of all Christians, and the Church itself.
  • And the fourth is to call men from life on Earth to their heavenly judgment.

Size Guide

Gemstone Bracelet Size Guide:
Small 7"
Medium 7.5"
Large 8"