Protect Your Space & Welcome The Good Vibes Signature Crystal Mix

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Welcome the good vibes & create a positive space for yourself!   Just remove the lid & place the jar close to you.  

Each crystal mix is hand selected and mixed with good intentions.   The mix includes: 

Purple Amethyst: a protective stone. Strengthens mental stability and clarity.

Rose Quartz: the Love Stone. Where there is Love there is Healing.

Moonstone: brings balance. Supports your dreams and intentions. Sharpens intuition. A feminine power crystal.

Black Tourmaline: counters negative energy. A bad vibe “disinfectant”.

Clear Quartz: the master crystal. Amplifier of energies that it surrounds.

Lavender: calmness, serenity, devotion.

Calendula: transformation, protection.

Hibiscus: fine tuned intentions, emboldened dreams for the future.

This amazing mix will come in the elegant glass jar, wrapped in a linen pouch for storage.  The double sided card, explains the ingredient that are in the signature crystal mix.  

It's going to be a GREAT YEAR with Love, Lisa's Signature Crystal Mix by your side.  

***This Signature Crystal Mix IS available for wholesale.  Please e-mail for details.

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