Trifecta Religious Protection Bracelet

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Color Silver


If you mix the Miraculous Medal,  The Saint Benedict Medal and The Padre Pio medal,  you get a Trifecta Religious Protection Bracelet.  These three special medals serve as a force of protection.  This bracelet is made with elastic and measure 6.85"

St. Benedict medal is a Christian symbol of opening doors and opening difficult paths. Tradition holds that it protects from curses, evil and vice and protects good health.

Padre Pio is a saint known to provide healing to those that are faithful.

Miraculous Medal is a daily reminder of your faith. Since it is used to show the connection between the Blessed Mother and an individual seeking her grace, it is a good way to remind yourself to honor that special grace every day

Size Guide

Gemstone Bracelet Size Guide:
Small 7"
Medium 7.5"
Large 8"